Electronics & Communication Deptt


In this lab, Mat lab software is used for the processing of different types of signals and their generations. Different types of filters can also be developed in dsp lab.

Sattelite Lab

This lab provides the practical knowledge of communication with the help of satellite system on small scale levels. Different types of signals like audio, video & digital data can be practically sends with help of satellite system.

Control System Lab

This lab deals with all the instruments and control mechanisms with the help of servo motors, stepper motors etc,, DC Control,AC CVontrol and PID Controllers.

Embedded System Lab

In this lab, students perform and learn various software like KEIL Software,Proteus to perform designing of LED, Seven Segment Display etc.

Microwave & Radar Engg. Lab

Microwaves are good for transmitting information from one place to another because microwave energy can penetrate haze, light rain and snow, clouds, and smoke. This lab provides practical knowledge of transmitting microwave signals to the radar system.

EMI  Lab
This lab deals with all the instrumentation mechanisms with the help of Transducers,CRO,Function Generator,LVDT,RVDT,Piezo Electric Crystle,Strain Gaugeetc
Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab
This lab deals with the practical knowledge of different types of microprocessors. Programming of different microprocessors and their interfacing with other peripherals can also be studied in this laboratory.
DE Lab
This lab provides the practical knowledge of all the digital circuits e.g. adder, counter etc which are commonly used in the field of digital electronics.

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