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Welcome to all new and returning Postgraduate students to the 2013,2014 and 2015 Academic Year and thanks for making admission in RPSGOI.There are many reasons why students choose to continue on to post- graduate studies. Many do so for career advancement, particularly candidates for Master’s Degrees  which do not have a substantial research component. Others do so simply for self-gratification. Yet others choose this path as it is a require- ment for their career choice. For example, academic careers require a research degree such as a Master of Technology (M.Tech) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  They represent the peak of academia where new knowledge and understanding are discovered and shared for the benefit of mankind.

RPSGOI offers M.Tech Degree in three streams Computer Science & Engineering , Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. We have setup wel equiped lab and provide students a researh environment. We are doing the best we can to facilitate your learning and your interest in furthering your qualifications. Just as you pride yourselves on the high quality of professional work that we know you are capable of, we pride ourselves on the continuing success and reputation of the RPSGOI, built upon a solid foundation of quality input, quality delivery and quality output. Together, we must therefore work hard to maintain and even enhance this.

What you may have not considered is the vital contribution you are making to the development of your nation by virtue of your postgraduate degree.vIndeed, an increase in the pool of appropriately trained and educated postgraduates would, if properly utilised, enhance your carrer.Apart from your present qualifications, there are two key requirements for success in your respective programmes: you need a sense of motivation and you need to plan your work then you must work your plan. Manage your time well as a rough guide you should spend the same amount of time you spend in class or in the labs in selfstudy. 

Finally, you should utilise all the resources available to you consult with lecturers, Professors and other course support staff. At last but not least best wishes for your charming carrer.



Prof. S.S.Yadav     Dean PG Studies                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Email:

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